Mobile Command Posts

With new terror threats focused on domestic shopping malls, WildFire, together with their local police department partners across the country, are proposing extending their existing city-wide wireless camera networks to cover each of the mall properties in their jurisdiction. This new and unique wireless camera integration service is being offered as part of a public-private partnership with local mall ownership, management and their private security companies.

When utilizing this new, inexpensive wireless camera integration technology with each mall’s  existing camera system, the local police, with their Mobile Command Post vehicles, will now have "Eyes Inside the Mall" capability during any form of terror incident at the property. From a “police perimeter” established in the mall parking lot, the police will have immediate wireless connectivity from their onsite Mobile Command Post to view live, real-time video, playback recorded video and potentially manually maneuver existing cameras from inside the mall.

As a first step, representatives of the mall, police and WildFire would conduct a technology integration analysis to determine if the mall’s existing video surveillance camera system is currently compatible with the police department's WildFire wireless camera network. If not, the analysis would identify what adaptations the current mall camera system would need to become compatible.

The overall integration approach taken during each engineering study will always be sensitive to guarding the privacy rights of the mall patrons and all onsite merchants. Specifically, a switch that only allows camera video access inside the mall during such an incident could be designed and integrated into the plan, if preferred by mall ownership and management.

Whether malls currently have modern digital cameras or older analog systems in place, WildFire is very adept at salvaging the owner's current camera technology investment during the integration process required to deploy their local law enforcement's"Eyes Inside the Mall" Program.

To get started, contact your local police department or WildFire.