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Law Enforcement
Force Multiplier



Setting the Standard

for Wireless Camera Networks



Public Housing Authorities

Specializing in property-wide wireless video camera surveillance systems for Public Housing Authorities that include an NVR, Wi-Fi, Police Hot-Spots and much more. 


Wireless Camera Networks

Designs, builds and manages city-wide & county-widecamera networks for city and county governments and their law enforcement, school, emergency response and public housing agencies.

WildFire-Provided Infrastructure

Under WPI, WildFire provides the basic infrastructure required to launch a city-wide or county-wide wireless camera network (the central NVR & the Central Relay Point of the network) at no charge.

Mobile Command Posts

As new terror threats focus on domestic shopping malls, WildFire and their local police department partners are proposing extending their existing city-wide wireless camera networks to cover each of the mall properties in their jurisdiction. 

Recent News


Wall Street Journal profiles WildFire's new system in Bedford, TX

Concerned about robberies, scams and killings tied to purchases arranged through Craigslist and other online marketplaces, police and sheriff’s departments nationwide are carving out areas of their stations for people to complete transactions.

At least 70 departments in the U.S., from Boca Raton, Fla., to Bedford, Texas, have created such zones, usually in parking lots or lobbies, according to websites that track the programs.